Al Mubarik Islamic School System is one of the best Islamic schools in Lahore, Pakistan. Hifz and English medium schooling makes Al Mubarik the best school in Lahore. Which has main campus in Faisal town. Al Mubarik Islamic School System has been established in Pakistan for many years and is well-known for its Islamic, cultural and traditional values. Hifz is optional for girls and boys. Early education is the important phase in entire education of a child student. Al Mubarik Islamic School System offers Islamic Montessori comprising Nazra Quran, memorization of the selected Surahs, Ahadith and morals for character building along with elementary education. Studies at Al Mubarik Islamic School System particularly focus on Islamic beliefs and consolidation of the fundamental throughout the curriculum and school learning activities. According to the age group of students, a comprehensive learning course on the obligations of Islam is syllabized that ensures understanding of the respective obligatory commandments and their practice. Al Mubarik Islamic School System has quite reasonable fees. Features like fully air conditioned classrooms, CCTV, Library, Computer Lab, six days a week classes, maximum 15 students per section and more make Al Mubarik a first choice for all the parents. Scarf is compulsory for the girls. Our goal as an Islamic School is to produce good practicing Muslims who love the Religion and live according to high ethical values.

Islamic education is the base of thriving and development of societies. Whenever the system is built well in societies, peoples will flourish. Islamic Knowledge, Contemporary knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.