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Philosophy of Al Mubarik


Our task is to prepare students for their future by developing in the students the capabilities they will need to compete in a competitive global market.

Our goal as an Islamic School is to produce good practicing Muslims who love the Religion and live according to high ethical values defined by Islam.

Our contribution to the nation is to produce progressive citizens who will contribute to the country’s progress.

In tomorrow’s world, students will need more than just ‘A’ grades in their exams. They will need to think out of the box. They will need the skill to communicate a great idea and to speak with confidence that stems from a strong belief in themselves and in Allah.

Mission of Al Mubarik


“The Mission of Al Mubarik Islamic School System is to provide students with high quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for their future.”

Belief Statements


  • Education is the foundation for a successful life.
  • All students can learn and achieve academic success.
  • School facilities are safe, healthy and clean.
  • Parents are involved in their child’s education.
  • Teachers are professionals who are caring and flexible
  • Students are exposed to and involved in a variety of educational opportunities.